London Business Literature Festival

The LBLF is a one-stop destination for celebrities from the world of business, heads of organizations, and other prominent citizens, to showcase writing that has had a formative influence on modern business theory and practice.

The LBLF will be an extension of the India Business Literature Festival. It will bring together leaders from the UK as well as across borders to recognize the power of strong leadership as a competitive advantage in the chaotic and dynamic world we have found ourselves in. 

Welcome to a new world where each one of us has the power to show up as a leader in our lives and in the communities around us. Learn from each other to create a world that works for everyone.

LBLF Evenings

LBLF Evenings are once-a-month virtual gatherings of the World’s Top Business Authors. These events will be hosted by the Institute for Generative Leadership, the UK in the run-up to the physical conference – The London Business Literature Festival (to be held once covid allows).

On each LBLF Evening, there will be conversations with 3 business authors lasting for 30 minutes each (20 minutes of talk + 10 minutes of audience questions). The first LBLF Evening event will be held on 23 April, followed by 28 May, 25 June, 23 July, and so on.

Join and learn the best leadership practices from experts across the world.

LBLF Evening #1 with David Nour, Dr. Mandeep Rai & Sally Hegelsen on 23 April 2021

LBLF Evening #2 with David Hurst, Deepa Prahalad & Isaac Getz on 28 May 2021

LBLF Evening #3 with Alison Maitland, Vicky Pryce, Sylvana Caloni & Judy Piatkus on 25 June 2021

LBLF Evening #4 with David Weinberger, Ben Whitter & Oleg Konovalov on 23 July 2021

LBLF Evening #5 with Francesca Gino, Dr Sunnie Giles, and Michael Smith on 20 Aug 2021

LBLF Evening #6 with Rahaf Harfoush, Michael J Gelb, and Michelle R Weise on 17 Sep 2021

LBLF Evening #7 with on Alan Williams, Ed Mayo, and R Gopalakrishnan on 22 Oct 2021

LBLF Evening #8 with on Ann Francke, Harry Kraemer, and Maria Ross on 19 Nov 2021

LBLF Evening #9 with on Vanessa Bohns, David Lewis, and Curt Carlson on 17 Dec 2021